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This article first appeared on the website Proud Green Home and it mentions several ways to improve and protect (privacy) your residence with residential window film. Although the article was focused on how residential window films can make your home more energy-efficient, we wanted specifically to share this article because of their list of seven ways your home can benefit from the installation of window film. The list is as follows:

  • Reduces Glare – When you get your home windows tinted, then it will result in blocking a significant amount of the sun’s glare. This in turn avoids the sun’s glare from blocking the outside view or your vision.
  • Protect your House Interiors – The strong and harsh UV rays of the sun can penetrate through the windows of your house. However, prolonged exposure can damage your house furnishings, carpets, rugs, and upholstery with the passage of time. Window tinting offers the best solution for the fading issue. Window tinting helps in blocking the sun’s rays that can diminish the look of your house furnishings.
  • Energy Savings – Window tinting acts as an insulator that keeps heat out in the summer season and prevents loss of heat in winter. This helps house owners in decreasing their utility bills to a great extent.
  • Privacy – It offers utmost privacy to your house, whilst still offering you an unobstructed view outside.
  • Improves Overall Design – Apart from its functional abilities, window tinting accentuates the overall design of your house that too without compromising on windows’ core functionality of providing ventilation and light. Window tint is available in impressive colors and shades. Opt for a shade that suits well with your home decor/design theme.
  • Enhanced Safety & Security – Accidents happen and it is rare for a window to get broken. In case, when a glass breaks it shatters into small pieces and spreads around. It can prove very dangerous to any person standing nearby the window. Window tinting creates a barrier and helps to hold the glass in place and in turn, helps you to avoid any accidents caused due to glass breakage.
  • Affordable Alternative – You can replace deteriorating and damaged windows with a window tinting process, which proves as an affordable option. Besides this, it also proves as an energy-efficient option. The cost for quick and professional installation of window tint is about 1/10th of the cost of replacing windows.

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